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This Is For You if YOU:

want steady, positive cash-flow

Most of our properties generate $500-$1000 every month.

want only AAA Tenant-Buyers

All our tenant-buyers must pass our 5-point inspection to be accepted.

Want To Earn Passive Income

We do all the heavy lifting so you can get on with your life.

Want To Get Maximum ROI

The majority of our investors receive 17% or more on each transaction.

Have $50,000-$150,000 To Invest

You will get a spreadsheet with all the numbers before you invest.


Don’t wait! Click the get started button, answer a few simple questions in a few minutes to see if you qualify for our exclusive investment program.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us for additional details.

The majority of our properties are single family homes in some of the best neighborhoods in Ontario.


These homes are hand-picked by individual tenant-buyers who is willing to rent the property from you immediately after purchase, provide you with a steady monthly positive cashflow and eventually purchase the property from you after 3-4 years at a pre-determined premium.

The majority of our properties are located in various cities throughout Ontario, Canada.

No! You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to purchase these investment properties.

Once you join our program, we will send you the paperwork on any property of interest so you can see:

  • Who your tenant-buyers are
  • What type of home they are approved to purchase
  • How much investment is required
  • How much you will receive in rent each month
  • How much your monthly expenses will be
  • How much your cash flow will be each month
  • How much your ROI will be after the property is sold
  • How much the future selling price will be and many other details not listed here

Join our program today and once you’re approved, we will send a few sample worksheets for your perusal.

Since the property will be hand-picked by the tenant-buyer who will be renting and eventually purchase the property, you really do not have to look at the home unless you really want to. 

Yes, for a small monthly fee we will:

  • Manage all your properties 
  • Setup your automatic deposits
  • Create & administer rental agreement
  • Handle all tenant-buyer matters.
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs.
  • Ensure compliance with all rental laws and regulations.
  • Perform annual property visits & inspections.
  • Handle emergency repairs.
  • Coordinate property sale (privately) etc.


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Welcome to VolneyEllis.com. 


My team and I have been helping investors buy and sell properties in the Greater Toronto Area since 2014.


We offer several unique programs that set us apart from other realtors, including a very popular rent-to-own and deposit assistance programs.


I am passionate about providing world-class customer experience and strive to make your real estate investment journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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